Dr. Michael Brown: May 14, 2012


Michael Brown (http://www.AskDrBrown.org) is the host of the nationally syndicated, daily talk radio program, The Line of Fire, author of A Queer Thing Happened to America and 20 other books, and director of the Coalition of Conscience.



The battle over same-sex marriage has been all the rage over the last several days.

First it was Vice President Joe Biden declaring that “‘Will and Grace’ probably did more to educate the American public than almost anything anybody’s ever done so far.” Next was the decisive passage of the marriage amendment in North Carolina, enshrining a ban on same-sex marriage in the state constitution, then it was President Obama announcing his support for same-sex marriage, after which Newsweek declared Obama to be “The First Gay President.”
Underlying the events of the last week are three important subplots: first, the cultural snobbery of the liberal elite, who equate opposition to same-sex marriage with backwoods bigotry; second, the canard that gay is the new black; and third, the president’s specious appeal to Jesus Christ and biblical principles to back his support for same-sex marriage (although Obama previously appealed to Jesus Christ and biblical principles to back his opposition to same-sex marriage).
In North Carolina, within minutes of the announcement that Amendment One would pass, the obviously embarrassed and embittered editors of the Charlotte Observer announced that “North Carolina foolishly and shamefully joined 30 states with constitutional bans on same-sex marriages,” stating that, “The [voting] result doesn’t show love. It’s wrong and disgraceful.”
North Carolina Governor Perdue was so upset that she told a reporter, “Folks are saying what in the world is going on in North Carolina? We look like Mississippi.” And a gay journalist commented, “Those who live in the intelligent parts of North Carolina voted overwhelmingly against Amendment One, but unfortunately, there just aren’t enough intelligent parts of North Carolina.”
Surely only backwoods bigots would be so foolish as to think that marriage should be what it has been for 6,000 years of recorded history. Surely only unintelligent people – like the people of Mississippi? – would argue that kids deserve a mom and a dad or that two moms do not equal a mom and a dad.
Indeed, the unceasing mantra, beat like a drum by the media, is that gay marriage is a civil right and that gay is the new black, which is why the Observer stated that the marriage amendment “unwisely writes discrimination into the state constitution,” and that North Carolina “is on the wrong side of history on this matter.” And that’s why President Obama could tell 3,000 attendees at a major gay activist fundraising event that it was wrong to counsel them to be patient, just as it was wrong to counsel “patience to African Americans petitioning for equal rights half a century ago.”
But it is misguided to compare gay activism to the civil rights movement, just as it is misguided to compare romantic attraction and sexual behavior to skin color. Really now, how can desire and behavior be compared to skin color?



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