Dr. Terri Gleason: May 2, 2018

Bridging the Gap for Veterans

VA Medical Centers Nationwide Celebrate Veterans and their Participation in Cutting Edge Research



Dr. Terri Gleason, Director

Clinical Science Research and Development, Department of Veterans Affairs


From inventing the implantable cardiac pacemaker to helping develop the brain-computer interface, with numerous advances treating chronic disease, spinal cord injury, mental health, and countless other conditions and diseases, VA Research has been improving the lives of all generations of Veterans for over nine decades.  This year, we again showcase the extraordinary work of VA researchers nationwide through VA Research Week, May 14-18, taking place in VA hospitals across the country.  The VA Research Week is focusing on the theme ‘InnoVAtions to Implementation.’

None of VA’s research breakthroughs would be possible without the Veterans who have volunteered to participate in VA studies.  Whether it’s helping find cures for illnesses, helping others who are sick, or helping scientists find out more about how the human body and mind work, the Veteran volunteers who participate in these studies deserve special thanks.

VA Research Week gives VA Medical Centers an opportunity to showcase the numerous achievements of VA researchers and the role they play in providing high quality care for Veterans and advancing medical science. Creative displays, staff interactions, and informative seminars help educate Veterans and their families, our elected representatives, and others about VA research and its impact on treating and preventing disease and disability, not only for Veterans, but all Americans.

Dr. Terri Gleason of the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Research & Development is available for you and your listeners on Wednesday, May 2 to discuss the upcoming VA Research Week, award-winning scientific discoveries, , as well as the multitude of Research Week events taking place at VA medical centers across the country.

For more information please visit: www.research.va.gov

More About Dr. Terri Gleason:

Dr. Gleason has a distinguished research career of nearly twenty years VA service. Prior to her appointment, Dr. Gleason held a variety of leadership assignments: (Acting) Deputy Chief Research & Development Officer, (Acting) Director, Biomedical Laboratory Research & Development Service, (Acting) Director, Clinical Science Research & Development Service, Senior Program Manager, Transformational Initiative, Program Manager, Clinical Trials, Research Lead for US DVA, Senior International Forum of Veterans Administrations, Program Manager Career Development,  and Portfolio Manager Behavioral & Psychiatric Disorders Research. Dr. Gleason possesses a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuropsychology, George Washington University, and a Master of Philosophy, George Washington University, Washington DC.


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