Dr Vincent Pedre: April 26, 2013


How to Keep a Baby Boomer Running Forever Watch Out Generation Y — Healthy Boomers on the Rise!

An Interview with Dr. Vincent Pedre on the life-extending benefits of  exercise

While scientists search for the biochemical switch, which will someday turn off the human aging process, tens of millions of baby boomers
aren’t waiting — they’re busy with their own quest for immortality on the bike paths, tennis courts and exercise mats of America.

“According to the National Institute on Aging, next to diet and shunning tobacco, nothing a person can do increases life expectancy more
than exercise,” says Dr. Vincent Pedre of Pedre Integrative Health in New York City.

Dr. Pedre says that no age group has tuned in to the life-extending benefits of exercise more than Baby Boomers, who more than any other
generation share a determination not to get old.

According to a report in the Congressional Quarterly Researcher, the percentage of those over 55 who say they are exercising 100 or more days
per year has jumped 33 percent.

“This not only improves baby boomer longevity, but their quality of life as they age,” he says.

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