Edward Jay Epstein: February 13, 2014

 debeers most expensive diamondsEd-Epstein

Edward Jay Epstein is one of America´s most acclaimed and multi faceted authors of NY Times best selling non-fiction books covering titles on money and power in Hollywood, international espionage,  journalism, the oil cartel, oil mogul Armand Hammer, the JFK assassination and turned his investigative eye to the fascinating world of diamonds. HaveYouEverSellDiamond-COVER

Epstein’s latest book Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond? And Other Investigations of the Diamond Trade demolishes some sacred cows about diamonds, their rarity and their supposed timeless value and mentioned why cartels need to control this vast trade and is now controlled by Russia. The politically correct notion of “blood diamonds”merely perpetuates scarcity and helps maintain a limited supply.

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