Father Robert Sirico: June 14, 2012

As occupiers are marching and challenging capitalism along with progressives who continue to challenge its effectiveness, it would seem logical to ask, is there a moral case for Capitalism today in America?  Socialism has been discredited.  The totalitarian states of the 20th Century have collapsed.  And we beneficiaries of the globalized world economy are grateful that we enjoy plenty of food, clothing, shelter, and yes cheap electronics.

But can any moral person really be for capitalism?

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Consumerism has become an appalling spectacle, with Americans glutting themselves on all kinds of excesses while people in the developing world starve.  The rich appear to be hogging far more than their share of the world’s resources.  Free markets may be efficient, but are they fair?

Now in Defending the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy, Father Robert Sirico, a Catholic priest, former leftist associate of Jane Fonda and now a longtime champion of the free market, answers all these objections.

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