February 1, 2019


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Why Dems Don’t Want Citizen Question Asked For 2020 Census, & How To Watch The Super Bowl With The Kids


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9:06-9:28a ET – Rachel Bovard – While the national debate continues over how secure our border will be, another aspect of illegal immigration continues to snake its way through the courts, The 2020 Census.  Sr. Dir of Policy at the Conservative Partnership Institute explains

9:32-9:58a ET – Melissa Henson – The director of grassroots education and activism for the Parents Television Council shares, How to Watch the Super Bowl with Your Kids, Grandkids

9:32-9:58a ET – Jeff Johnston – The state of Colorado is considering a bill, recently introduced by lawmakers, that would require public schools and some charter schools to teach the explicit sexual techniques of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.


10:06-10:29a ET – William Gheen – Grassroots Immigration Group says Amnesty is Worse Than No Wall.  The president of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, a conservative immigration group discusses

10:32-10:42a ET – Kyle Drennen – Senior News Analyst for MRC reports that NBC Touts ‘Blame’ for Trump, Ignores Rise In Negative Opinion for Pelosi

10:46-10:58a ET – Conrad Padilla – One of the top independent distributors of Jeunesse discusses the product line that helps you Live, Feel, and Be Young.


11:06-11:29a ET – Dr Michael Keas – Historian of Science Exposes Science’s War on Religion


11:32-11:58a ET – Dr Bruce Hartman – Large numbers of young adults who frequently attended Protestant worship services in high school are dropping out of church.  Author of Jesus & Co.: Connecting the Lessons of The Gospel with Today’s Business World discusses.



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