February 11, 2015

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9:06-9:16a (ET)        Marc Thiessen        Obama Now Crusader In Chief?

Marc Thiessen

9:20-9:29a (ET)        Marita Noon        OPEC Predicts $200 Barrel of Oil


9:33-9:43a (ET)        Jay Cost        A Republic No More

 Jay-Cost    A-Republic-No-More-COVER

9:47-9:58a (ET)        James Hirsen        Grammy Winner Smith Handles Plagerism

James Hirsen-2

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10:06-10:16a (ET)        Shelby Emmett        A Sincere Message for Jesse Jackson


10:20-10:29a (ET)        Michael Daugherty        FCC Moving to Control Our Internet


10:33-10:43a (ET)        Brian Abrams        Party Like A President

 Brian-Abrams   PartyLikeAPresident_COVER

10:47-10:58a (ET)        Dennis Michael Lynch        They Came To America

 Dennis-Michael-Lynch    They-Came-To-America_COVER

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