February 16, 2015

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9:06-9:29a (ET)        Bruce Kauffmann        Our Two Best Presidents

Bruce Kauffmann-2

9:33-9:43a (ET)        Liz Peek        POTUS Out of Ideas for ISIS?


9:47-9:58a (ET)        Russ Jones        Sunday TV News Recap

Russ Jones 2

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10:06-10:16a (ET)        Dr Charles Jacobs        Boston-Epicenter for Radical Muslims


10:20-10:29a (ET)        Dr Travis Stork        Get Ready For Your Big Day


10:33-10:43a (ET)        Billy Allmon        When A Bullet Hits Your Funny Bone

Billy-Allmon     When-A-Bullet-Hits-Your-Funny-Bone_COVER

10:47-10:58a (ET)        Dr Eddie Fatakhov        Sumo Wrestler Diet Can’t Help Lose Weight


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