February 19, 2015

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9:06-9:16a (ET)        Dr Gerard Lameiro        Obamanet-Do We Need It?

Dr Gerard Lameiro

9:20-9:29a (ET)        Avi Davis        Jews Called To Return To Israel


9:33-9:43a (ET)        Pat Williams        21 Great Leaders

pat-williams-3x5-color    21-Great-Leaders_COVER

9:47-9:58a (ET)        Steve Evans        Big Screen Hits & Coming Attractions


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10:06-10:16a (ET)        Stephan Bauman        Who Can Change The World


10:20-10:29a (ET)        Charlotte Allen        50 Shades Confuses Reality

10:33-10:58a (ET)        Ben Barrack        Terrorists Need A Job

Ben Barrack

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