February 22, 2017

NSA McMaster In Charge, Priebus Faces Doubts & Three Days In January

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Michael Rubin – High Hopes for Lt Gen HR McMaster National Security Advisor, and Russia, Iran, N Korea, the Threats Just Keep On Coming. Rubin, Resident Scholar with AEI and former Pentagon Official.  He is a Middle East regional politics, Iran, Syria, and Persian Gulf expert.

Sarah Westwood – Priebus faces doubts from populist right after rocky week. Sarah is the White House news correspondent for the Washington Examiner.

Bret Baier – Three Days In January-Dwight Eisenhower’s Final Mission.  Baier is the Chief Political Anchor for Fox News Channel and the Anchor and Executive Editor of Special Report with Bret Baier, seen five days a week on Fox News Channel.

Dr Bonner Cohen He will discuss “whistleblowers.”  Whistleblower in this story, John Kelly, is now Trump’s Dir. of Homeland Security!

CeCi Carmichael – March is National Frozen Food Month.  We Have Fresh Ideas As Close As Your Frozen Food Aisle.  CeCi is a Classically-Trained Chef, Lifestyle Expert and TV Personality, featured on Food Network, OWN, and other networks and programs.

Nonie Darwish – Former devout Muslim Writes-Wholly Different: Why I Chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values.  Born and raised as a devout Muslim in Cairo and Gaza, and the daughter of an Islamic martyr, Nonie Darwish had Islamic values engrained into her from a very young age.


David Rubin – Palestinian State or Israeli Sovereignty in the West Bank – After the Trump-Netanyahu Meeting, What’s Next?  Rubin has become the trusted voice of Israel, Best Selling Author, Israel Relations and Political Commentator.

Dean Sell – Sight & Sound’s Epic Theatre Production of Jonah Comes To The Big Screen For A One Night Only Fathom Event! Sell is Sight & Sound Theatres’ Brand Manager.

James Hirsen – Leak Investigations May Lead To Unexpected Places.  Hirsen is a New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor.

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