February 25, 2015: John Schlitt

I Can’t Stand To See This Evil Anymore

Was a blessing and honor to visit with John Schlitt, former lead singer for Petra.

During his career with Petra, the band released 2 RIAA certified Gold albums (Beyond Belief and Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out) and earned 4 Grammy and numerous Dove Awards. His travels and performances with the group reached all 50 American states as well as over 35 countries.

You can listen to our interview that we did while we were at NRB15 in Nashville, TN.  John remains active performing and has been doing some projects with John Elefante (former lead singer with Kansas) and Jay Sekulow, yes that Jay, the attorney with the American Center for Law and Justice.  I believe this video is saying what we all have been praying as we bear witness to the evil that seems to be running unchecked.  Watch and let me know your thoughts.


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