February 25, 2016

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Aaron & Melissa Klein – First Liberty Institute and Boyden Gray to serve as appellate team for Kleins in high profile case involving religious liberty.  They were forced to shut down their bakery because of their religious beliefs.
Josh Enck – Through 40 years and 28 productions, Sight & Sound Theatres has staged unforgettable, uplifting experiences that bring the Bible to life like you’ve never seen before.  Enck is the President and Chief Creative Officer.
Erick Stakelbeck – TBN launches The Watchman, CUFI’s new 30-minute weekly television show hosted by Erick Stakelbeck starting February 25th 11:30p (ET).
Steve “The Movie Guy” Evans – Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports on the weekend’s big winners at the box office plus coming attractions.
Scott Stankavage – Can God mend the heart of an athlete as he also mends his body?  Scott is a retired American football quarterback. He played his college football at North Carolina and in the NFL with Denver and Miami.
Cheri Keaggy – The Dove Award winning recording artist and speaker, shares stories from from her Ninth Album, No Longer My Own.
June Hunt – GOD’S REFINING FIRE-Ever feel like you’re being tested?  Ever wonder how much more you can take?  For more than 30 years June has helped people with emotional, relational and spiritual problems experience God’s love.

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