Dear Bill, 

Andrew’s second court hearing was last week and instead of setting him free, Mexico is keeping him in prison for who knows how much longer… some have said it may be 8 more months. 

Bill, I cannot put into words the pain I am feeling, but I cannot even begin to imagine what Andrew feels. I know he is so grateful for your support and prayers, and his faith is giving him strength during this terrible time but it breaks my heart to see him suffering in this Mexican jail. 

Even though thousands have signed the White House petition, President Obama has yet to act on Andrew’s behalf to set him free. From where we sit, the executive branch has totally abandoned him. 

I need your help to keep Andrew’s spirits high. Please tell your friends and family about Andrew’s story

I will not abandon him, but Bill, I’m just a mom from Florida. I’m not a diplomat, or an international lawyer, or a strong Marine like my son. I need help to get Andrew out of jail and to bring him home with dignity and for that I must hire talented lawyers… lawyers that I can’t afford and that our government isn’t willing to provide. 

And once Andrew is finally set free, and I am praying that that is sooner than later, he will unfortunately be facing nearly insurmountable legal bills. I know bills at home are tight with every family and I hate asking for money, butany amount you can afford will go immediately towards defraying the massive costs and bills Andrew will face once he is freed. 

Your donation today will go immediately towards helping Andrew’s Liberty Fund

Bill, I am absolutely devastated but I am trying to stay strong for Andrew. I hope you will stand with me in praying for him and his safety. 

I hope that you can make a donation, or at the very least, give us your support so we can urge the Obama Administration to show some interest in freeing my son. my son is much more then an “issue”. He is a grave, urgent, concern so please help me free my son from a Mexican jail and get him the help he will need to be fit for duty as his contract with the Marine Corp. extends until August 2016. 

Thank you for your support and prayers. Together we can bring Andrew home. 


Jill Tahmooressi
Andrew’s Mother 

P.S. I have barely been able to sleep since he was taken prisoner on March 31st, and it is the support, kind words, and prayers from people like yourself that has gotten me this far.Please forward this email and my previous emails to your friends and family. Together we can grow enough support to bring Andrew home.



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