From The File That We Have To Pass It… To See What We Get… Thank You Nancy!!!

By Bill Martinez

The Congressional Budget Office has released a new cost projection of President Obama’s national health care law, which you’ll recall was to be only $940 billion.  Well check that, the CBO has revised that figure to a whopping $1.76 trillion over a decade.

Many Republicans who were on the outside looking in through the whole process argued that the president along with the Democrats were using some questionable math manipulation and that his cost claim was way under estimated.

The elite media once again got behind their man and his plan to convince the people that all was good and it was just those pesky angry Republicans who were still bitter to loosing the White House.  That all this stuff was just too complex for them to understand, but that the Democratic leadership had everything all figured out.

It’s clear now for all to see, that Democrats utilized many accounting tricks when they were shoving the national health care legislation down our proverbial throats.  One of the most creative (trying to keep it positive) was to delay full implementation of the law until 2014.  This way based on the standard CBO 10-year budget window, it would show what Obama had pledged to all of us, around $900 billion over 10 years.  We just didn’t understand what 10-years they were referring to.  (Once again, our bad.  We have to remember we’re dealing with attorneys and they know how to obscure the fine print.)

Again, even when the CBO had published their final CBO score, Republicans and others noted that the true 10-year expense would be far higher that what the president had promised.  And this especially after the projections gave a proper accounting of its full implementation.

So today, surprise, surprise, (certainly not for the president or Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and company) the CBO released new projections from 2013 extending through 2022, and the results are as those who really know math expected (drum roll please!): are you ready for this, $1.76 trillion.

That’s because the CBO is working in a new window and this only covers nine of the total ten years of Obamacare.  Are you starting to understand that’s it’s not the figures that are lying but the liars that are figuring?

And, as if that isn’t enough, remember we were only accounting for nine years.  You did notice that.  Well next year, the CBO window includes all ten years and you can now understand if you’re following the math that the grand CBO revised total could end up at over $2 Trillion. 

We can only hope and pray that the Supreme Court enters in to save the day and deliver us from this jobs killing, debt mounting, and economy retarding fiasco. 

Could there be some room to solve our national health concerns, without hijacking one fifth of our economy?  Only if we’re committed to resolving this truthfully, comprehensively and reasonably without political interest bias.  I believe there is a win-win here if we’re open to it.

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