Gabe Greenberg: October 14, 2019


Revolutionary Marketing Solutions Tackled by World’s Leading CMOs; 2019 ABBI Awards to Celebrate Industry Innovators on November 11


GABBCON CEO and Founder


Los Angeles is the veritable intersection of Silicon Beach, the evolution of television and home to Hollywood.  It’s the next big Innovation center of the world and the perfect location to provide the global business community a comprehensive, hands-on education of new, inventive consumer technologies.  LA TV Innovation Week (#LATVIW), a global conference focused on innovation, technology and their effects on the advertising industry, will bring CEOs and CMOs of Fortune 500 companies to Los Angeles for an explorative and practical look at cutting-edge tools of the future. The two-day event offers a first-mover advantage to attendees and celebrates creativity in technology, automotive, sports, retail and other key sectors.

Co-hosted by industry influencers Monica Karo, Chief Client Officer at OMD and Louis Jones, EVP, Media & Data Practice at the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the world-class forum will be held November 11th and 12th at the Beverly Hills Hotel, in Beverly Hills, CA.

#LATVIW will feature over 40 speakers, keynotes and a series of panel discussions focused on pioneering tech and issues facing the industry.  As part of the panel discussions, Los Angeles Rams CMO Ronalee Zarate-Bayani will helm the panel Setting a New Standard with Sports, to share how disruptive sports brands will impact the next generation of fans; Media Measurement Priorities will bring together 4A’s EVP, Media and Data – Louis Jones, Jonathan Steuer, Chief Research Officer, Omnicom Media Group and Radha Subramanyam, CBS Chief Research and Analytics Officer to share their views on how to achieve accountability in today’s environment, while Formula E Racing CMO, Jerome Hiquet and Fox Networks executive Dan Callahn will discuss how Formula E is using new tools to gamify racing in Innovative Digital Experiences, Gamification of Racing.   For a full list of thought leaders and industry experts and to see the full event schedule visit



More About GABBCON: Global Audience Based Buying Conference and Consultancy, GABBCON occupies the intersection of Madison Avenue, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach. As traditional program and medium-based marketing and advertising transitions to audience-based, cross-platform opportunities, GABBCON draws upon its consummate network of top intra-industry leaders to help forge mutual agreement and broker common ground on everything from nomenclature to standards, methodology and best practices for financing, developing, producing and distributing the world’s most popular video and audio content. GABBCON hosts a series of globally recognized executive-seminars, bespoke events and exclusive conferences alone and in partnership with preeminent industry organizations including the NAB, major business publications and other authoritative independent voices. GABBCON consults for and on behalf of a blue-chip portfolio of clients (brands, agencies, DSPs, broadcasters, OTT providers, media companies and more), to enable their specific businesses to best navigate ongoing market disruption via individual consulting, education and other more customized executive training services.

More About Gabe Greenberg:

Gabe Greenberg, 20-year marketing veteran and industry advisor on Blockchain, serves as GABBCON’s (Global Audience Based Buying Conference and Consultancy) CEO and Co Founder.  GABBCON and its partners have delivered the first tech standard for audience based buying, the ABCDs (Automated Broadcast Cross Device Standard). In addition to their work on vocabulary and standards for cross device audience buying, GABBCON provides brands, agencies, broadcasters and ad-tech companies consulting on audience buying, but is best known for their sold out global events on audience buying and for advising agencies and corporations on privacy as human

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