Bob Barr



The Meaning of Is

One month after the release of Clinton?s long-awaited memoir, Bob Barr (the man behind the so-called “vast right wing conspiracy”) shares his judgment on the Clinton legacy. His new book, The Meaning Of Is: The Squandered Impeachment And Wasted Legacy Of William Jefferson Clinton, clearly highlights the shocking depth of corruption that characterized Clinton?s administration. Proving his reputation as Clinton?s worst nightmare, Barr reveals previously unknown details of the impeachment process; describing how its scope was artificially limited and its progress politically undermined by both Democrats and Republicans. Published by Stroud & Hall Publishers, the book is expected to be available in bookstores in August 2004.Barr writes, “Looking back on the Clinton administration from the perspective of someone who was personally involved in investigating basically every public corruption case raised against Clinton, I am most amazed that the Monica Lewinsky case is ultimately what got the president impeached. This is not to say that lying under oath and obstructing justice are not impeachable charges or that the remedy we chose was inappropriate. However, these charges pale in comparison to the systematic damage Bill Clinton did to American national security, the office of the presidency, and the civil liberties of individual American citizens.” The Meaning Of Is provides a starkly contrasting viewpoint on the record of the Clinton administration than found in President Clinton?s new book. These two books promise to ignite a fresh debate on the real legacy of the Clinton administration.Barr writes, “Bill Clinton will go down in history as a failed president, because he had the intelligence and opportunity required for greatness, but suffered from fundamental character flaws? There is no core to Bill Clinton, no principle he will not sell out, no lie he will not tell, no rule he will not break, if he believes doing so will best serve his immediate interests.”