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Bruce’s History Lessons

Praise for Bruces History Lessons

If only history were taught the way Bruce Kauffmann writes about it, wed have a nation of history buffs. He zeroes in on pivotal moments, relates them in conversational language and connects yesterday to today with skill and insight. And his gift for brevity always leaves me wanting to know more. – Gayle Beck, The Repository, Canton, Ohio

Mr. Kauffmann – Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your articles. I have taught high school social studies for 33 years and the last several years I have used a lot of your articles in my class. – Craig Grow, Sullivan, IN

Mr. Kauffmann, Your History Lessons column is a must read for me. My husband and I both greatly enjoy the interesting nuggets of overlooked events, corrections of misconceptions, or how it came to be that you write about. Did you read Bruce today? is a common refrain over Sunday morning coffee. – Diane Pritchard, Champaign, IL

Dear Bruce, Thanks for the History Lessons that my mom has sent me. They are published in her Worcester, MA, Sunday paper. I have really enjoyed them and as a former educator, I think they make a great learning tool. You get a Gold Star!!!!!! – Ginny Decker, Alabama