Bruce Thatcher



Adamant Aggressors

ADAMANT AGGRESSORS is a practical guide to help scholars, political scientists, policy-makers and laymen understand and apply specific lessons that history has for the present time. It takes a business-case look at five adamant aggressors – Mehmed the Conqueror, James K. Polk, Adolph Hitler, Chaim Weizmann/David Ben-Gurion, Joseph Stalin – and what they teach about recognizing and dealing with adamant aggressors who may be threatening America today. While these lessons may not ensure that the best choices will be made today, understanding them will help readers to reject demonstrated bad choices and, thus, more likely arrive at better choices. This unique approach allows readers to quickly peruse a 2-3 page Executive Summary at the beginning of each case study, or to examine a thoroughly researched and documented narrative of the aggressor ́s action and the reactions of his targets. Analysis then details how each aggressor is identified as adamant (and might have been while there was time to react effectively), and how targets violated or sometimes conformed to guidelines for dealing with adamant aggressors. The final chapter draws from the five cases to validate the lessons for how to recognize and deal with adamant aggressors, and urges application by AmericaΒ΄s leaders. USA “Best Books 2011” awards – Finalist in the “Current Events: Political/Social” category.