Eddie Scarry



Privileged Victims

America’s worst ideas and people are rising to the top, thanks to a rancid culture that has turned every part of our lives into a fight between so-called “privilege” and entitled brats claiming “victim” status. The country is under siege and America’s most ferocious enemy is already here: our privileged victims.

On university campuses, in the news media, and in Hollywood, race, gender, and sexuality determine who should advance and who should be taken down a peg. Driven by “social justice” and governed by “intersectionality,” out-of-control college students, school administrators, journalists, and titans of the entertainment industry divide and rank us on an infinite scale of grievance—the more of them, the better. And God have mercy on any individual deemed to benefit from “privilege.”


Privileged Victims zealously exposes the lies and myths behind:

  • The #MeToo movement that redefined sexual assault and rape to include simple regret, ruining the lives and careers of countless men
  • Hoax hate crimes, a key feature of the privileged victim class
  • The debate over our jungle-like immigration system, dumbed down by a scheming national news media to ugly charges of racism and xenophobia
  • Hollywood, which no longer aims to produce high-quality entertainment, but to virtue signal and promote “social justice”