Stephen Strang


Old Man, New Man

Stephen Strang, publisher of New Man magazine, draws upon his unique experience as a journalist on the front lines of men’s issues to write Old Man New Man, a frank Christ-centered guide to help you close the gap between the life you could live and the life you are living.

Old Man New Man addresses the deeply personal habits that can make or break a man–financial stress, marital tension, sexual temptation and the challenge of forming lifelong relationships–and it is filled with compelling stories and God’s transforming response.Β 



MEN–YOU can now discover how to:

  • Break old habits
  • Find your true purpose
  • Renew your mind
  • Attain sexual purity
  • Heal the “father-wound” in your heart
  • Make your marriage great
  • Get closer to your children
  • Care for your body