Gwen Samuel: March 8, 2021


As Educators, Parents and Students Prepare to Welcome First Lady Jill Biden to Connecticut, the #GetSchooled Campaign Aims to Raise Awareness About Issues Facing Our Children



The COVID pandemic has created unprecedented circumstances for our schools and our students, therefore an unprecedented response is needed from our leaders.  As local educators, parents and students prepare to welcome First Lady Jill Biden to Meriden CT, they are hoping her visit will draw attention to the urgent needs of students in their state and across the country.  Her inaugural trip to Connecticut as First Lady to celebrate the new Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona in his hometown creates an opportunity to raise awareness on the urgency of these educational needs.
The pandemic has led to learning loss and unmet funding needs that must be addressed.  This need has encouraged parents representing all public schools in the state – charter, district, and magnet – to come together to ask for support and raise awareness about the issues facing our children.
Did you know?
  • All charter schools are public schools.
  • 44 states and D.C. have charter schools and over 3.3 million students attend charter schools.
  • There are 7,500 charter schools nationwide employing 219,000 charter school teachers.
On Wednesday, March 3rd, President and Founder of the Connecticut Parents Union Gwen Samuel is available to discuss the #GetSchooled campaign and the community’s overwhelming support for innovative public schools.  She can share how you and your listeners can get involved in bringing together charter school teachers, leaders, parent advocates, researchers, and policy experts through online resources.

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Ms. Gwen E. Samuel is a mom of child that attends a Connecticut public school. She is an equity in education and social justice advocate. In addition, she is a community relations consultant with a national reach.
In 2018, Ms. Samuel, in her role as President of the Connecticut Parents Union,  has aligned herself with several Hartford Black and Hispanic plaintiffs of the Robinson v Wentzell lawsuit opposing unjust racial discrimination practices via racial quotas in quality magnet schools.
In 2017, Ms. Samuel launched an “Urban Experience in Family And Community Engagement (F.A.C.E.)—helping Teachers Transition into Diverse Classrooms and Community” workshop series.   This parent led “Urban Experience in Family And Community Engagement Workshop Series” provides educators, administrators, and lead school support staff with solution-oriented strategies critically needed to build sustainable relationships with parents, families, and communities who are marginalized in the educational system. This series leads to effective partnerships that nurture both teacher and student success in the classroom, regardless of school model.

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