Hardeep Walia: March 8, 2017

Are Average Investor Portfolios Funding Cluster Bombs?

CEO Available to Discuss the Automated investing that eliminates the tradeoff between personal values and financial returns 

CEO to discuss the importance of transparency in today’s investing



Founder and CEO of Motif


158 banks, pension funds and other financial institutions invested $28 billion worldwide into cluster bomb producers over the last five years. Do you know what your portfolio funds?  In January 2017, Motif Investing’s national investor survey surfaced that 65 percent of investors don’t have a clear understand of their investment holdings. The survey, designed to better understand the current motivations of individual investors revealed that 68 percent of investors would change their investment decisions if they knew they violated their values and 73 percent have no idea whether their investments are aligned with their personal values. Further, over half of investors do not know where to start when it comes to integrating their personal values with their financial goals.

To address these issues and create an automated investment service that is an extension of their philosophy, Motif is announcing Motif Impact Portfolios which offers an unprecedented level of transparency and control in an automated investing account. Each Motif Impact Portfolio blends direct stock ownership with a proprietary investment model built to feature companies that demonstrate leadership in one of three social values: sustainable planet, fair labor, or good corporate behavior. Through a partnership with MSCI, the leading provider of investment data and analytics worldwide, Motif Impact identifies best-in-class companies that meet an investor’s personal as well as financial criteria.  The portfolio gives investors a way to meet their financial goals without compromising their values by knowing exactly what their investments are funding.

Hardeep Walia, CEO of Motif is available to you and your listeners to discuss the findings from their survey, how the automated investing program is an extension of their philosophy and to show investors exactly what they need to know about what’s in their portfolios.


Hardeep Walia is Founder and CEO of Motif, a next-generation digital wealth platform that simplifies complex investment products and makes them universally accessible. The company’s flagship product allows individual investors to act intuitively on their insights by turning them into a “motif” of stocks based on a specific theme or investing style. Hardeep also serves as CEO of Motif Capital, an institutional investment advisor that develops thematic models for clients including Goldman Sachs and US Bank’s Ascent Private Capital Management.  Hardeep spent over six years at Microsoft, where he was General Manager of the company’s enterprise services business. He also served as Director of Corporate Development and Strategy, helping to oversee Microsoft’s investments and acquisitions.


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