Heather Higgins: September 17, 2013

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HEATHER HIGGINS, CEO and President of the Independent Women’s Voice discusses the latest pole that resoundly opposes Congress’s special Obamacare exemption.

Heather’s background is in finance, public policy, and media, all happily combined with an inclination to make trouble, as she says.



Voters Will Replace, Not Re-Elect, Their Representative if They Accept Subsidized Health Coverage

WASHINGTON D.C. – New polling data released from Independent Women’s Voice, conducted by GEB International among N=500 likely voters nationwide, shows 94% of Americans oppose special treatment for Congress on ObamaCare. 

As ObamaCare’s October 1 start date looms public opposition of the law remains high with more than half (51.3%) of all Americans disapproving of the federal health care takeover.  

Most voters (59%) blame both parties for the recent Office of Personnel Management (OPM) ruling that Congress and their staffers will receive special subsidized benefits under ObamaCare. 91.3% say it is unfair that Congress gets its insurance subsidized while Americans suffer from higher premium costs and ObamaCare-related changes at work with slashed hours and positions eliminated. 

An overwhelming majority (90.1%) of voters say they will be upset (79.2% a lot) if their representative does nothing to reverse the OPM ruling. And voters say they will vote to replace, not re-elect, their senator or member of Congress if they accept the special exemption from ObamaCare (70% if voted against law and accepted subsidies; 69% if voted for law and accepted subsidies). 

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