Howard Blum: February 28, 2014


NY Times bestselling author Howard Blum joined Bill Martinez Live  to discuss his latest book DARK INVASION 1915: Germany’s Secret War Against America which documents the true story of a deadly terrorist cell that began with the smuggling in of a briefcase with $150 million in cash to finance a bold plan to create mayhem in America through factory sabotage, assassination and bio-warfare. The terrorist cell eventually set up a germ warfare lab six miles from the White House and launched an anthrax attack on 5 major American cities as well as bombing the Capitol building. The year was 1915, the start of WWI and almost a century before 9/11, and the enemy was Germany.DarkInvasion-COVER

The Hangover Part II


Howard Blum’s block buster thriller will soon be made into a movie starring Bradley Cooper. DARK INVASION is poised to be one of the biggest titles commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the start of WWI.

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