Husam Dughman: October 15, 2012

Aug 2012-Husam Dughman Interview with Bill



Husam Dughman was born in Libya and educated in Libya and the U.K. He earned his B.A. and M.A. in Political Science from the University of Kent at Canterbury, where he won several awards for academic excellence and graduated with a First Class with Honours. In 1993, Mr. Dughman returned to Libya and was successful in securing a position as a university professor of Political Science. Due to political reasons, he left his university position in 1997 and subsequently worked in legal translation. He emigrated to Canada in 2002, where he has been helping new immigrants with their settlement.


Tete-A-Tete with Muhhamad

No ideology has perhaps generated more controversy and strong reactions than Islam. Yet, beyond the attacks of its detractors and the defence of its apologists, what is Islam really about? On what basis does the legitimacy of this much-maligned religion and its prophet rest? Will Islam ever be able to cope with modernity? Can Muslims coexist peacefully and productively with non-Muslims? By envisaging a personal encounter with Islam’s founder, Husam Dughman, a Libyan of Arabic and Muslim background, takes us through a fascinating journey that explores Islam’s past, examines its present, and outlines its future. He grapples to find answers to two major questions: If Muhammad were alive today, how would he defend his historical record? Just as importantly, how would Muhammad evaluate the situation of Islam as it stands in today’s world? Drawing on his authentic and extensive knowledge and experience of Islam, Arabic culture, and Western culture, Mr. Dughman hands us an original, intellectually stimulating, and readable book that dares to pose uneasy questions and suggest possible answers in a manner that can only contribute to an enlightened vision of a Muslim world able one day to achieve high development and friendly coexistence with the rest of humanity.




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