Jack Taylor: August 13, 2012

Jack Taylor


Jack R. Taylor is a graduate of Hardin-Simmons University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He pastored the Castle Hills First Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas for almost seventeen years where a mighty spiritual awakening took place in 1970, which doubled the membership of the church in four years. Jack has authored 13 widely accepted books, many CD’s and video series.  During the last 40 years he has traveled extensively, ministering the word of God to the Body of Christ at large. With a visit to Toronto in August of 1994 during which significant personal healing took place both physically and spiritually, his ministry took a dramatic turn with increased manifestations of the power of the Holy Spirit.

He continues to preach predominantly in the United States in churches of many denominations, with trips to Canada, England, Tanzania, West Africa, Germany, Austria and Latin America. Jack has spoken often at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship where God also moved in a dramatic way to touch the community and the world.

The Lord has gifted Jack with an apostolic insight into the word of God and the heart to communicate the fullness of His Kingdom. He “fathers” over 200 men and women he recognizes as spiritual sons.  Sonslink is his effort to connect with spiritual offspring intentionally and to leave a legacy of transformed lives. Jack received an honorary doctorate in March of 2011 from Saint Thomas Christian College of Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Taylor serves as the President of Dimensions Ministries in Melbourne, Florida. He married Friede Taylor on December 28, 2004. They both enjoy traveling together.


Jack Taylor’s  “Word, Spirit Power”

Is a timely message of balance for the Church from three ministry leaders with 170 years of combined ministry experience.  A pattern over the years has quietly evolved and has greatly limited the effectiveness of our faith which is not what God would want for us.

Some would think that it’s all about God’s Word and others believe it’s all about the Holy Spirit.  When we prize the Word over the Spirit or the Spirit over the Word, we miss an element central to our faith.  Fact is we need both the Word and Spirit to live as “overcomers” and to access the power available to us to draw a lost world to His Son.

We spent some time with Jack Taylor whose contribution to the book was on the Spirit.  Jack’s ministry spans over 54 years during which he witnessed various moves of God in revival.  His life has been punctuate by encounters with the Holy Spirit that have changed his life and ministry


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