James M. Hutchens: May 21, 2012

James M. Hutchens is President of The JerUSAlem Connection, International and editor of the foremost Christian Zionist online magazine in America, The JerUSAlem Connection Report.   This is the go-to site for all things Israel viewed from a Biblical standpoint.
Dr. Hutchens was decorated for personal bravery in Viet Nam, including the Purple Heart, as the first chaplain wounded in Viet Nam. He served with the famous 173rd Airborne Brigade, and later with the celebrated “Green Berets.” Dr. Hutchens retired from active duty in 1994 with the rank of Brigadier General. His personal account of service in Viet Nam, “Beyond Combat,” tells of his experience as a combat chaplain in Viet Nam.


Israel: Iran Is Playing UN Security Council for Five More Weeks of Bomb Building


Reports coming out of the diplomatic talks in Turkey last week between Iran and the UN Security Council members, “plus Germany,” over Iran’s nuclear program, were positive. The results, however, were more of the status quo. Talks will resume later this month.

From the outside looking in, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took a moment during Holocaust Memorial Day to issue a public criticism of the meetings, more or less citing them as hollow for allowing Iran another five weeks to get closer to a bomb.

James Hutchens, a retired U.S. Army General, and President of the JerUSAlem Connection is an expert on U.S.–Israeli relations.

When tensions between Israel and the U.S. leadership appear to be as strained as ever, it raises more questions about the likelihood of an Israeli preemptive attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. After all, many experts contend that such an attack won’t be very effective without the support of U.S. bunker busters and other military technology.

“Look for the Obama administration to up the ante on Israel in an attempt to keep them from a preemptive strike on Iran before the election,” says Hutchens. “Since Israel views all these negotiations regarding Iran through the screen of their own survival, they, alone, will determine when a preemptive strike occurs.”

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