James Robenalt: January 1973

robenalt_james_240X470_150DPIJanuary 1973:January-1973---The-Month-That-Changed-America-Forever-COVER

Watergate  •  Roe v. Wade  •  Vietnam  
and the Month That Changed America Forever

(Chicago Review Press, May 2015, forward by John W. Dean). Using the newly released Nixon tapes and offering a fly-on-the-Oval-Office-wall look at events that happened during this monumental month, January 1973 is the first book to look at both (a) what really happened at the Supreme Court behind the scenes of Roe v. Wade and (b) how Roe v. Wade has affected national politics ever since. Robenalt interviewed Justice Lewis Powell’s law clerk forJanuary 1973 and has the first insider account of how Roe was actually decided.

In addition, these great events followed one after another in rapid succession during January 1973:

1.   Harry Truman died the day after Christmas 1972 and his memorial would take place in Washington on January 5, 1973;

2.   President Nixon and Henry Kissinger would take the final steps to end the Vietnam War for the United States;

3.   Judge John Sirica would preside over the Watergate burglars’ trial;

4.   Nixon would deliver his game-changing second inaugural on January 20, 1973;

5.   Two days later, on January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court would issue Roe v. Wade; and

6.   Later that same day, Lyndon Johnson would die of a heart attack in Texas.

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