Jan M. Bult: June 8, 2018

Helping People with Rare Diseases Lead Better Lives

“How Is Your Day” Highlights the Value of Plasma Protein Therapies





Jan M. Bult

President and CEO of the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA)



How is Your Day?” For all of us, this is an ordinary question we ask others – and are asked by others – every day. But for so many people in the United States and around the world living with rare diseases, who rely on plasma protein therapies to lead a normal life, no day is ordinary.

Recently, the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) unveiled a new global initiative, “How Is Your Day?”. It highlights the critical difference that plasma protein therapies have on the everyday lives of thousands of people who live with rare life-threatening, chronic, and genetic diseases caused by missing or deficient proteins found in blood plasma.

‘’How is Your Day’’ highlights how these therapies transform the lives of many people – every day. It differentiates these unique therapies from traditional pharmaceuticals and builds awareness of the value they provide to people, families and society. Plasma protein therapies are typically derived from blood, though there are recombinant analogs available for some bleeding disorders. They replace missing or deficient proteins in the blood, allowing affected people to lead normal, healthy, and productive lives.

In the U.S. and worldwide, thousands of people rely on plasma protein therapies to live full lives. In most cases, plasma therapies are the only medicines that can treat these conditions; and the only sources for a majority of these treatments is plasma provided by human donors. The “How Is Your Day?” initiative brings together patients, who share their stories of how their lives are transformed thanks to these live-saving treatments, as well as plasma donors who explain why they choose to give so generously of their plasma.


‘’How is Your Day’’:

  • Calls for worldwide availability and access to safe and effective plasma protein therapies for all who need them
  • Supports policies to improve patients’ access to therapies
  • Highlights patient options and the unique role of plasma protein therapies
  • Highlights the value that plasma protein therapies bring to patients and society

Jan Bult, President and CEO of PPTA is available to you and your listeners on Friday, June 8th to talk about the “How Is Your Day?’’ initiative, about how plasma protein therapies make a real difference for people suffering from a rare disease and how we can all help ensure access to therapies.


For more information, please visit www.howisyourday.org


More About Jan M. Bult:

Jan M. Bult is President and CEO of the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association, based in Annapolis, Maryland. In his career, he has served in a management positions in the global pharmaceutical industry.      PPTA is a global organization and represents manufacturers of plasma protein therapies made from human plasma and through alternative (recombinant) technologies. PPTA also represents source plasma collection centers in both the USA and Europe. PPTA is active in many regions of the world. Mr. Bult holds his current position since January 1998. Before this he was the Executive Director of the European Division. Prior to joining the Association in 1995 he worked in the pharmaceutical industry for CIBA-GEIGY, Schering AG, Rhone- Poulenc and Biotest since 1974. The positions he held were in sales, marketing, research and development, training and business management. His responsibilities today include oversight of all Association operations, outreach to stakeholders, acting as industry spokesperson, and the global coordination of all PPTA activities. After his military duty in The Netherlands, he attended medical school at Nijmegen University and law school at a private institute in Utrecht. He subsequently completed an intensive 18 month course of study in business management in Zeist, The Netherlands. Mr. Bult played competitive handball in The Netherlands until his late 30’s. He relaxes with scuba diving, cycling and collecting model trains. He is also an FAA licensed pilot. He and his wife Rose are the loving parents of five children and six grandchildren.

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