Janice Meraglia: February 27, 2014

JaniceMeragliaJanice Meraglia was a guest on Bill Martinez and discussed the use of highly sophisticated DNA taggants in security applications. Janice is Vice President for Government and Military Programs at Applied DNA Sciences. This American company is in the vanguard of protecting not only secure locations with extreme high value goods (gold, diamonds, computer chips and or cash) but also assuring the authenticity of critically important integrated circuitry and components.  Janice is a current team leader of two DoD Defense Logistics Agency R&D projects that focus specifically on using double strand plant DNA that is both long lasting and client specific to mitigate the risk of counterfeit electronics entering the DoD supply chain. Ms. Meraglia’s team includes seasoned professionals with electronic, logistics and government relations experience and her team represents a comprehensive and intelligent solution across to effectively mitigate the risk of counterfeits in electronics and other industries.


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