January 31, 2017

Trump Fires Acting AG, Best Viral Videos, America Needs Free Trade

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Dr Anne Pierce – Trump Fires Acting Attorney General and What Should We Learn From The Countries Who Have Destroyed Themselves With Immigration and Refugees. Dr Pierce is an author, commentator and scholar in the areas of American Presidents, American Foreign Policy and American Society. Her foreign policy work emphasizes both national security and global stability, and human rights and political freedom.

Samantha Mills-Mao – The Good News Girl reports on the most popular viral videos from the internet.

Chris Wilson – Former Cruz Staffer & Research Analyst Responds to TPP News: America Needs Free Trade.  Wilson is on the cutting edge of using innovative data science and predictive analytics to understand and predict behavior in politics and beyond. As the Director of Research, Analytics and Digital Strategy for the 2016 Ted Cruz presidential campaign, Wilson has widely recognized for playing a key role in Cruz¹s triumph in Iowa.

Dr Kevin Gutzman – Will Democrats Become The Party Of States Rights Under Trump?  Dr Gutzman is Professor and Chairman in the Department of History at Western Connecticut State University and a faculty member at LibertyClassroom.com. He is the author of four books.


Lisa Dickey – BEARS IN THE STREETS: Three Journeys Across a Changing Russia.Lisa is an author and ghostwriter who has helped write seventeen published nonfiction books, including eight New York Times bestsellers. Dickey began her career in St. Petersburg, Russia, writing articles for The Moscow Times and USA Today.

Heather Monahan – How to Make the Women’s March Really Matter.  Heather is a Business Expert and founder of Heather Monahan, LLC, a mentoring group that advises women on various workplace issues.

Dr. Andrea Klemes – Gen X More Pessimistic and Less Prepared For Aging Than Baby Boomers. Klemes is a thought leader and lecturer in the field of innovative healthcare in a dynamic marketplace. As Chief Medical Officer of MDVIP, and executive and organizational leader of MDVIP’s Medical Advisory Board, she oversees the organization’s pursuit of quality and innovation in the delivery of a unique healthcare model that relies on the expertise of its affiliated physicians.

Christine Niles – Trump election 2016 and the Conservative Catholic Vote.  Niles is editor-in-chief at ChurchMilitant.com and a news anchor and panelist on its two daily shows. Born in Saigon, Vietnam, she left the country when it fell to the Communists, and has degrees from Notre Dame Law School and Oxford University.

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