Jason Bryant: July 23, 2018


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Jason Bryant
Active Shooter Training Expert


Active shooter events are sadly becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence in the United States. In 2017 alone, there were 29 active shooter incidents in the US. Many of the most recent mass shootings, such as the attacks in Parkland, FL and Santa Fe, TX, have occurred in schools. However, most active shooter events do not happen in schools.

Approximately half (45%) of all active shooter events take place in the workplace. School shootings have the second highest rate at 25%. While students across the country now take part in “active shooter drills” the same way they have historically done with fire drills, most companies have no formal plan for the first three minutes of an attack — the average amount of time it takes law enforcement to arrive on the scene.

On Monday, July 23rd, Jason Bryant will be available for interviews. In this segment, he will discuss the need for a preparedness plan in the workplace and how to enact one.

Did You Know?

  • An “active shooting” becomes a “mass shooting” when the number of injured or dead reaches four (excluding the shooter).
  • Active shooter events typically end in one of four ways:
    • The shooter commits suicide (40%)
    • Law enforcement engages the shooter with gunfire (28%)
    • Unarmed citizens successfully restrain the shooter (13%)
    • Armed citizens exchange gunfire with the shooter (3%)

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More About Jason Bryant:

Jason Bryant is a 20-year law enforcement veteran of a major metro police department. He has advanced training in active shooter events, among other police tactics. He trains and educates hundreds of businesses, churches and other organizations on active shooter preparedness.


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