Jason Gaughan: November 17, 2020


Approaching the holidays with a plan can help you stay on top of your expenses and make the most of your money. 

Jason Gaughan

SVP Credit Cards at Bank of America


Forty-five percent of Americans say they’ve overspent when shopping for holiday gifts in years past. Overspending is preventable, and by approaching the holidays with a plan, you can stay on budget and find ways to maximize your spending. Being strategic about your holiday spending can help decrease financial stress and allow you to focus on what truly matters – spending time with family and friends, in person or virtually.

Jason Gaughan, SVP of Credit Cards at Bank of America, will share financial tips, products and tools on how to spend wisely this holiday season.



  • Create a budget and set a spending limit: The first step toward building a holiday budget is to make a list of planned expenses like decorations, travel, gifts, hosting costs, etc. Next, decide how much you’re comfortable spending and compare your anticipated expenses against your income or allotted spend. This will give you a clear picture of your expenses and help you identify areas to cut back on if necessary.
  • Be strategic online: Online shopping is convenient but tempting holiday “deals” can lead to overspending. Staying vigilant and focused on only purchasing items in your holiday shopping list can help you avoid buying unplanned items.
  • Track your spending and be flexible: Track your purchases in real time to see if you’re spending in line with your expectations. There are a number of tools that can make tracking your spending simple. For example, the Bank of America mobile app has spending and budgeting tools that allow you to set alerts for account activity and monitor your short and long-term spending patterns.
  • Safely bring everyone into the shopping fun: 43% of Americans say their favorite part of the holidays is the quality time they get to spend with friends and family. Extend that quality time by shopping virtually with others to help bring peace of mind and keep you accountable to your budget.
  • Make the most of your spending: Even while spending money, you can find ways to save by using the right credit card. For example, the Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card allows you to earn 3% cash back in a category of your choice, including online shopping. Your cash back can be deposited into a Bank of America checking or savings account, used to pay down your bill, or for credit to an eligible Merrill account. Using a credit card that rewards you on all of your purchases allows you to make the most of your holiday shopping.


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More About Jason Gaughan:

Jason Gaughan is currently the Consumer Card Product Executive at Bank of America. His responsibilities include ensuring that consumer card products and services meet the financial needs of our clients, driving responsible growth by implementing strategies that align to our core principles and managing the profitability of the business. Jason leads a team of associates who are committed to delivering a best in class product for our customers. 

Jason began his career at Bank of America in 1994. He joined the management team in 1996 and since then has held a wide-range of management positions in Product, Credit Risk Management, Marketing, Credit Operations and Customer Service Operations. Prior to joining Bank of America, Jason held management positions at First National Bank of Omaha.

Jason graduated from the University of Nebraska where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance. Jason is actively involved in the community by supporting Kennett Parks and Recreation, Ronald McDonald House and Food Bank of Delaware. He formerly served on the Executive Board of United Way of Delaware.

Jason and his wife Susan, live in Avondale, Pennsylvania with their two children.




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