Jason Khoury: December 15, 2016


Learn the Top 5 AI Trends for Business in 2017


Jason Khoury

Vice President of Corporate Marketing

Jive Software

Do today’s sci-fi films and TV shows have you worried about a future when androids plot to destroy humanity? In reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI) circa 2016 is far more likely to recommend titles to your Netflix queue than to take over the world.

Today’s AI is working to make our lives and jobs easier, helping organizations manage and streamline workflow. While machine learning is making inroads into the massive amounts of data that’s being collected, it’s still mostly up to humans to make the tough calls based on the analysis of that information. Expect that to begin to change in 2017.

  • On December 15th, Jason Khoury will be available for interviews. He will tell your listeners the latest news about AI and discuss what the Top 5 AI Trends will be in 2017:
  • Big data: Big data is going to get much bigger in 2017. In the coming year, machine learning will get much better at combing through data.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT): 2017 will be the year the IoT goes mainstream, and it will be so intuitive you will hardly even notice.
  • Predictive analytics: In 2017, predictive analytics will begin to play a bigger role in decision-making within an enterprise.
  • Work graph: While team-based messaging apps may have been all the rage in 2016, look to 2017 to be a year of consolidation and powerful insights in the collaboration space.
  • Interactivity: Voice-first and Virtual Reality: 2017 is the year Voice-first and Virtual Reality (VR) infiltrate the enterprise.

More About Jason Khoury:

Jason Khoury is the vice president of corporate marketing at Jive Software. In this role, Jason oversees and drives strategy for all of the company’s internal and external communications initiatives, customer marketing, events and community programs. Prior to joining Jive in 2013, Jason held director and senior management positions at various high tech companies and public relations agencies, including Yahoo, Informatica and Weber Shandwick. In addition, Jason previously served as a board member for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) from 2007 to 2012. Jason has two Bachelor degrees in Journalism and Communications (Public Relations) and Political Science from the University of Oregon.

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