Jay Gutierrez: March 29, 2013


Fighting Disease With Frequencies

For years now, Jay Gutierrez has been working with doctors, scientists and healers from around the world, using an old modality called “radiation hormesis,” to successfully help people with degenerative diseases.

Radiation hormesis is based on the theory that, as radiation goes through the body, it slightly stresses and damages the body’s cells and DNA, triggering a response from the immune system to deal with health issues.

American alternative medicine actually has quite a history in the successful use of natural radiation for healing, dating back to the 1910s through the 1940s. But, then, we had Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and we conditioned everyone to be “radiophobic.”

Bringing this modality back to life over the years has been a journey and, thanks to the use of modern measuring equipment, Jay has been able to make some incredible discoveries.

He’s been helping save lives and alleviate pain and suffering with what we now know is frequencies and not the natural radiation from the stones they mine. Most importantly, they have discovered what they feel are the “Frequencies of Creation.”   

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