Jed McBreen: March 27, 2018

Do you know a child who is struggling with math?

Find out how new supplemental learning program, Komodo, can help children become confident and and positive about math.

Jed McBreen

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Komodo Learning, former math teacher and father of two


Komodo is an award winning online education company, which has developed a supplemental math learning system that helps children reach their true potential in math.

Parents are becoming more and more aware of the importance of math as a gateway to STEM career opportunities, and research has shown that high school and career success are linked to children’s math skills as early as K-5.

Komodo says: Sometimes parents don’t realise that their child’s math ability isn’t predetermined – anyone can improve and even go on to excel in the subject provided the foundations are strong enough. Komodo have created a program that enables parents to build these foundations effectively in a way that kids love.


More About Ged McBreen

Jed McBreen grew up in England where he taught math for ten years in high schools, elementary school and even in one of London’s oldest prisons – Holloway Women’s Prison. He has a passion for all things mathematical but this wasn’t always the case. At first he really struggled at math in school, and at age 8 he was so afraid of math lessons he even faked illness to avoid them. When his mom realised what was going on she intervened and started to help him at home with math practice around the kitchen table. It worked, and he went on to study math and physics a top university.

Jed left classroom math teaching to start an Educational Technology company and since then he hasn’t looked back. He is now CEO of Komodo Learning which has offices in Belfast Ireland and New York.  Komodo is now teaching math at home to thousands of children in the USA and it recently won the British Educational Technology Award which is recognized as one of the top accolades in Edtech.

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