Jennifer Korn: October 18, 2012


Jennifer Korn, Executive Director of the Hispanic Leadership Network, discusses Latino voters and their crucial role this election. She was quoted in the Huffington Post recently (below) and here’s her take on Obama’s lack of immigration reform: 
“Obama is  not-credible when it comes to immigration – not only did he NOT pass any immigration reform in his first two years, when he had a veto-proof congress but guess who as Senator did not help out Bush when he was pushing for immigration reform – that’s right Obama. He voted for bill-killing amendments and did not take on the unions when it came to guest worker program. Since I was working on it at the WH I can vouch for it.

Also, the President always says he is “committed” to immigration reform. That’s bull. Commitment is delivering a speech from the oval office on immigration, adding a whole section to the state of the union, sending your cabinet secretaries to the Hill on a weekly basis to actually write legislation travel across the country selling the legislation – who did all that? President Bush. Guess what commitment means to Obama – one speech at American University and 37 words in one state of the union speech. What a joke.

Then he says he has no control over Congress – boohoo. He made health care happen, if he cared that much about immigration, he could’ve shoved that through, too. He just didn’t want to do it because he couldn’t even get enough dems to vote for it and then blamed the Reps.”

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