Joel C. Rosenberg: June 20, 2012




By Bill Martinez

Joel Rosenberg answers the questions that most are asking…What Happens to America in The Last Days?  Americans are asking questions like this with growing frequency and urgency because of a gnawing and steadily intensifying anxiety that, as challenging as things are in our country today, they very well could get catastrophically worse.  

Many Americans genuinely fear God is preparing to remove his hand of protection and blessing from our country-or perhaps already has.  They fear that unlike previous dark times in our national history, God may not intend to help us turn things around and get us back on track. What is the hope and future for America that seems obviously omitted from end time prophecy?  Is there time and mercy for a Third Awakening in America or are we past the tipping point?  Can America head God’s warnings and respond like Nineveh did the first time and somehow, someway be a positive agent for God in these the last day?  God only knows.  

We address the possibilities, the fearful bad news and the hope for America in our conversation with Joel Rosenberg about his latest book, “Implosion, Can America Recover From Its Economic & Spiritual Challenges In Time?


  1. Jenna LaMore says

    Dear Mr. Rosenberg,

    America is Babylon The Great.
    America has fallen so far from God, that the time is near for the abomination of desolation.
    Dictator Obama, is the Leopard in Daniel and the Anti-Christ in Revelation. Obama is America’s end game.
    God is allowing this to happen, because we Americans have fallen so far from him. We are the Great Harlot.
    Read, really open your soul to the Spirit and see. Take the blinders off. Revelation 17:1 and beyond. We,
    The United States are the only Continent surrounded by many waters. You look at all other Continents and
    they are not. We have The Gulf, The Atlantic, The Pacific, The Antarctic and The Great Lakes.
    Geographically speaking, that alone says, a lot.
    God owns everything we posses. He owns the Heavens, the Stars and everything in between. All he wants
    from us, is his Commandments. His Law; not mans law.

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