Joel Rosenberg: September 9, 2013


JoelRosenbergJoel Rosenberg is the author of eight New York Times best selling books with more than two million copies in print, including his latest New York Times best-seller Damascus Countdown.  Joel has become known for his forecasting of Middle East Trends.DamascusCountdown-COVER

 Commenting on the escalating news in the Middle East, Joel will breakdown the players, and the problems for the U.S., Israel and the surrounding countries.  Is this the beginning of an apocalyptic countdown? 

 Joel writes New York Times best-selling fiction and non-fiction and operates the non-profit The Joshua Fund, which has invested millions in blessing Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Israel.

 Joel created a lot of attention for himself some twelve years ago when he wrote about airplanes flying into American cities. He wrote this in his book, The Last Days, prior to 9/11.

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