John Feaver: September 9, 2013

JohnAFeaver2This is a special love story of two ordinary people who experienced one extraordinary marriage.  It’s John Feaver’s story about his parents,  Margaret and Douglas Feaver, “One Heart, One Way.” John learned a lot by observing his parents’ relationship an realized after awhile that not every household was like his.  

 John’s parent’s were committed to living out their marriage based on God’s principles and perf5.500x8.500.inddcommandments. The blessing for them and their family was one special union that even after their deaths continues to be a blessing.

 As the former Chaplin to the United States Senate, Dr Lloyd John Ogilvie explained, “This stunning and stimulating book about a truly great marriage will inspire you and help you experience an extraordinary marriage of one heart and one way.”


  1. Great interview. The dialogue about the book didn’t just promote the material, but gave some glimpses of what it “could” look like… practical examples for anyone, and the reminder that we can live like that if we want to, if we’re willing to make the changes necessary to create that kind of marriage and family. thanks.

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