John Koster: December 4, 2012



Pearl Harbor was more than a surprise attack, it was part of a deep Soviet plot to divert the Japanese into fighting Americans rather than the Russians.  In Operation Snow: How a Soviet Mole in FDR’s White House Triggered Pearl Harbor, John Koster exposes:  
    •    How Harry Dexter White (FDR’s right hand man in the Treasury) got away with one of the most devastating acts of treason in American history
    •    Why the Soviets chose White to carry out Operation Snow
    •    How Japan and the United States were manipulated by Russian agents and propaganda
    •    That if Operation Snow had failed, the Soviet Union might have collapsed under the combined might of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan
    •    How FDR’s secretary of Treasury was manipulated to promote policies that provoked war with Japan
    •    How White continued to act as a Soviet agent of influence into the postwar era, until exposure prompted a disguised suicide  
    •    You may ask, why another book about Pearl Harbor?  The answer for John Koster is simple, “Because none of the other books got it right.”


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