July 7, 2016

Wikileaks Publishes Clinton Emails, & Fmr WH Homeland Security Expert Chimes In

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John Whitehead – DOJ Makes It Official, Hillary Will Not Face Criminal Charges Over Private Email Use, Meanwhile Wikileaks Publishes Clinton War Emails.  It ain’t over yet. Constitutional attorney and author, Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute.
Michael James Barton – Former White House Homeland Security Expert Discusses Clinton Case.  Barton is the founder of Hyatt solutions, a national security and energy consulting firm. He has extensive experience in National Security, Homeland Security, counterterrorism, and energy policymaking.
Steve Evans “The Movie Guy” – Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports the weekend’s big winners at the box office.
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Wayne Allyn Root – Hillary Gets A Pass From The FBI, But Will The Public Be So Generous? Plus The Trump Train just keeps on rollin’ along.
Donald G. McNeil Jr – Zika Virus – How Dangerous will it be to Attend the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro? New York Times global health reporter McNeil has a long career covering plagues and pestilences.
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Christa Black Gifford – Heart Made Whole: Turning Your Unhealed Pain into Your Greatest Strength.  Gifford is a dynamic worldwide speaker, worship leader and bestselling songwriter.
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Allison Lee Pillinger Choi – What Is A Bleeding Heart Conservative? Choi, author of the newly released book Bleeding Heart Conservatives seeks to be a fresh new face of the Republican Party.
Davy Sims – Why I wanted the UK to STAY in the EU, & How Donald Trump is seen in Europe.  For 22 years Davy Sims was a BBC producer in radio and New Media.
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Dr Joe Alton – Doctor/ Author of  Explains Why This Years Olympics Should Be Moved or Cancelled.  Dr Alton is a disaster preparedness expert, member of the Wilderness Medical Society, and NY Times/Amazon bestselling author of the Survival Medicine Handbook
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