June 17, 2016

Why Dad’s Matter, Trumps Asks Why Are They Here, More Life With Lauren

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Bruce Kauffmann-2
Bruce Kauffmann – A Father’s Day Tribute-Imagine A World Without Dad’s-Why They Matter.  Bruce is an awarding-winning syndicated columnist, historian, author and speaker.
Dr Sean McFate – Why Is Someone Who Loves The Taliban In This Country? And Trump Asks… Why Are They Here? McFate, is a former paratrooper in the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, he is an Associate Professor at the National Defense University, and a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council.
Lauren Kitchens-Steward – “Living Life With Lauren” Orlando Mourning And Country Ponting Fingers.  The Lucy Girl is a National Radio Personality, College Professor, and Motivational Speaker.
Jim Daly – Focus on the Family’s President talks about his new book, “Marriage Done Right-One Man, One Woman.”
Ben & Erin Napier – Small Town Design and DYI Duo Share Tips On Creating Your Best Backyard.  The Napiere’s have made their living by creating historical-inspired designs for furniture, home goods and stationery.
Dr Alieta Eck
Dr Alieta Eck – Healthcare and the electoral campaigns AND Has Organized Crime Hijacked our Medical Delivery System? Dr. Eck is a physician in internal medicine in private practice in New Jersey.
Keith Getty – New Studio Album by World-renowned Hymn Writers, The Gettys – Facing a Task Unfinished.  Keith sits down to talk about their latest project and worshipful memories.
Al Garza – America is under invasion-Trump declared war on it and What Trump got wrong on Mexicans-what he got right and what he missed about the re-conquest of the Southwest.  Garza is founder of Patriots Coalition.
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