June 2, 2015

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9:06-9:16a (ET)        Dr David Hogberg        Obamacare’s Death Spiral

Dr David Hogberg

9:20-9:29a (ET)        Beth Battaglino & Dr. Susan Broner        Suffering Migraines?

Beth Battaglino, RN    Dr-Susan-Broner-

9:33-9:43a (ET)        Samantha Mills        Latest Viral Videos From The Net


9:47-9:58a (ET)        Brandon Webb        Among Heroes

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10:06-10:16a (ET)        Megan Barth        Fiorina Shadowing Hillary


10:20-10:29a (ET)        Gail McGovern        American Red Cross CEO


10:33-10:43a (ET)        Ali Berlow        Food Activist Handbook

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10:47-10:58a (ET)        Pete Wilson        What’s Keeping You Up At Night


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