June 3, 2016

Trump Adds & Takes Away, The Field Getting Crowded Again? Plus Life With Lauren

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Megan Barth – The Reaganbaby.com proprietor and political pundit talks, Trump: Gets A Major Endorsement and Then Shoots Himself In The Foot Again, and The Viral and Deadly Disease of Illegal and Legal Immigration.
Lauren Kitchens-Steward – National personality and pundit lends her balanced perspective on life, liberty and the pursuit of fun.  Why not?
Ryan Lovelace – FOSSIL FUEL DIVESTMENT MAY COST ENDOWMENTS.  New Report Shows the Costs related to Divestment have the potential to rob endowment funds of as much as 12 percent of their total value over a 20-year timeframe.

Open Commentary

Coach Collins – What If Hillary Clinton loses California, Dodging the law, Cheryl Mills becomes Hillary’s lawyer, And, When Clinton falls McAuliffe falls; when McAuliffe falls Clinton falls. It’s reality TV at its finest!
David Horowitz    Lance-LoRusso    Stephen-Moore
Plus David Horowitz, Lance LoRusso and Economist Steve Moore discuss Progressive Racism, What we learned from the Freddy Gray case once again and Exposing the mad war on Energy.

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