June 7, 2016

The Need For Religious Clarity, Viral Videos and One Major Lie From The Left

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Stephen Mansfield – Ask the Question: Why We Must Demand Religious Clarity from Our Presidential Candidates. Mansfield is the New York Times best-selling author of numerous popular books about the interplay of religion and culture.
Samantha Mills – The Good News Girl reports on the most popular viral videos from the internet.
Steven Moore – The economic consultant with Freedom Works and a Fox News contributor discusses One major lie the Left has been telling you.
Gabby Morrongiello – The Political Reporter for the Washington Examiner talks Super Tuesday and Trumps request for a fair shake from Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel.
Todd Kendall – FOSSIL FUEL DIVESTMENT MAY COST ENDOWMENTS – New Report Shows the Costs related to Divestment have the potential to rob endowment funds of as much as 12 percent of their total value.  Kendall is a recognized expert in public policy, government regulation, financial markets, public finance and labor markets.
Negin Farsad – Iranian-American-Muslim Comedian on Having a “Hyphenated” Identity in America.
Julie Lawson Timmer – “UNTETHERED,” Today’s Modern Family At Risk.  Timmer grew up in Canada and earned a bachelor’s degree from McMaster University and a law degree from Southern Methodist University.


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Also scheduled, James Antle III, Gerald Schwartzbach and Lisa Arnold on Leaning on the Arc: A Personal History of Criminal Defense and Caged No More film- human trafficking in the news.   


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