Kait Parker: June 5, 2019

*** June 5 is World Environment Day ***




Kait Parker

Atmospheric Scientist for The Weather Company/IBM

Host of Warming Signs podcast from weather.com


The Earth is warming, and as the planet heats up, there is an increase in severe storms, flood and drought. These extreme changes reduce the planet’s capacity to sustain clean water. Everyone deserves access to clean water, but its scarcity is becoming a major risk to the human race.


This World Environment Day on June 5, The Weather Channel will temporarily change its name to The Water Channel to introduce its Forecast: Change initiative. This initiative aims to generate awareness and action in support of clean water for all by highlighting the water scarcity issue across The Weather Channel app, weather.com and TV – all to help people learn about, participate in, and give water access. In addition, The Weather Channel will contribute a total market value of $1 million to help provide clean water and services to those in need (working with Charity: Water and The Nature Conservancy).


Kait Parker of The Weather Channel will be available for interviews on World Environment Day to share more details about the Forecast: Change initiative. She’ll also offer statistics on the water scarcity crisis, how weather impacts fresh water, and tell your audience how they can help, including:

  • Consider your personal water footprint — everything you use, wear, buy, sell and eat takes water to produce. 
  • Check the weather — every time you check your forecast on The Weather Channel app or weather.com, you unlock clean water donations for people in need.


She can also discuss her involvement with IBM’s Code and Response, a worldwide initiative and series of challenges inspiring developers to create innovative solutions that solve pressing global problems.



For more information please visit: forecastchange.weather.com  


More About Kait Parker: 
Kait Parker is an atmospheric scientist that has studied and covered every major US storm on-air for the last decade. Before joining The Weather Channel digital team, she hosted America’s Morning Headquarters on The Weather Channel TV network and regularly appeared on Good Morning America. Additionally, she has worked as a meteorologist in West Palm Beach, Florida and Montgomery, Alabama. A graduate of the University of Missouri with a degree in Environmental and Atmospheric Science, she has also been an instructor for a graduate level course on Climate and an undergraduate course on Storm Chasing. Follow her on Twitter.


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