Karilyn Bowman: April 10, 2013


American public evolving on gay marriage
Prominent figures from both parties are letting the nation know where they stand on the issue of gay marriage.  Former President Bill Clinton recently endorsed the overturn of DOMA, and former secretary of state Hilary Clinton earlier this week announced her support of gay marriage.  Republican Senator Rob Portman just announced his evolution on the issue based on his experience with his son, and now supports gay marriage.  Even Tea Party Senator Rand Paul this week said that marriage should be removed from the tax code.

Now after the Supreme Court has heard oral arguments on two separate cases dealing with gay marriage, AEI has gone inside the data to uncover what everyday Americans think on this timely issue and how their views, too, have evolved over time.  
In a new report, “Polls on Attitudes on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage,” AEI Senior Fellow and public opinion expert Karlyn Bowman tracks the evolution of public opinion toward issues of homosexuality, gay marriage, and even the recent boy scout controversy.

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