Karl Gouverneur: October 7, 2019


MKE Tech Hub Coalition Bringing More Tech Workers to Milwaukee

Karl Gouverneur

Vice President of Digital Workplace, Corporate Solutions, and Head of Digital Innovation at Northwestern Mutual

There has been a lot of great work over the last two years by dozens of Milwaukee companies and organizations who share the goal of growing technology and innovation in southeast Wisconsin. To advance this work, five local companies, Accenture, Advocate Aurora Health, Kohl’s, Northwestern Mutual and Rockwell Automation, are forming a cross-industry partnership and investing more than $5 million to form the MKE Tech Hub Coalition, a unique collaboration to bolster and grow the Milwaukee region’s economy.

All businesses need tech workers, not just what would traditionally be labeled technology companies. Bringing more tech workers to Milwaukee will help local businesses across a spectrum of industries. The Coalition is the bold new step to drive this work forward by developing, evolving and advancing strategies to transform Milwaukee.

Technology is impacting the pace of change and talent needs across all industries. The primary objective of the Coalition is to increase the number of tech workers in Milwaukee, which is critical for the region to help the local business economy remain vibrant.

The Coalition is focused on growing, attracting and retaining leading tech talent by:

  • Growing the number of tech startups in the region
  • Expanding the number of tech companies that relocate or grow to Milwaukee
  • Creating a vision and image for the region that attracts tech workers
  • Calling out freelancers

On Monday, October 7th, Karl Gouverneur, vice president of digital workplace, corporate solutions, and head of digital innovation at Northwestern Mutual, will be available to discuss the cross-industry partnership, the Coalition’s vision and the ways in which it will engage the business community, education institutions, organizations and individuals who share the same goal of advancing tech and innovation in the region.


For more information please visit: MKETech.org


More About Karl Gouverneur:
Karl Gouverneur (pronounced “Governor”) is vice president digital workplace and corporate solutions and head of digital innovation for Northwestern Mutual. In this role, Gouverneur focuses on providing a digital core to enable efficiency and flexibility that enriches the experience of the company’s employees. He partners with business areas across the enterprise to integrate technology with the company’s business strategies and objectives.

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