Kathy Cummings: November 20, 2018


Kathy Cummings

Bank of America Senior Vice President Consumer Education and Consulting Executive

According to the fall 2018 Homebuyer Insights Report, the majority (73 percent) of single women are prioritizing owning a home, more so than their single male (65 percent) counterparts. To achieve the goal of homeownership, single women are placing many life priorities, such as getting married (41 percent) and having children (32 percent), lower on their list.

Fall 2018 Homebuyer Insights Report Single Women’s key findings:

  • Single females are placing a higher priority than their single male counterparts on saving for a down payment (65 percent vs. 55 percent) and improving their credit score (49 percent vs. 42 percent)
  • When thinking about buying their first home, single women are more likely than single men to feel responsible (46 percent vs. 34 percent), independent (43 percent vs. 35 percent), like an adult (45 percent vs. 29 percent) and empowered (31 percent vs. 23 percent)
    • Similarly, single women who currently own a home said becoming a first-time homeowner made them feel independent (57 percent vs. 48 percent of single men), successful (47 percent vs. 39 percent) and empowered (31 percent vs. 26 percent)
    • Nearly half (48 percent) of single women have not purchased yet because they don’t have enough saved, compared to 38 percent of men. They also say they want to have a higher salary before buying (47 percent vs. 39 percent of single men).
    • They’re more likely to feel overwhelmed by the idea of buying a home than single men (40 percent vs. 30 percent)


On November 20th, Kathy Cummings is available to discuss:

  • Homeownership outlook for single women and key trends
  • The biggest hurdles women face when buying a home
  • The tools and resources available to help women during the homebuying journey
  • Her experiences working with single women clients



Kathy Cummings leads the Homeownership Solutions and Affordable Housing Programs team for Bank of America Home Loans Neighborhood Lending organization. In her role she helps clients’ toward successful homeownership by educating them on how to identify affordable housing programs offered by Housing Finance Agencies, local governments and non-profits across the country.  She is also responsible for managing non-profit strategic relationships. Cummings is passionate about diversity and inclusion in the mortgage industry and serves as Chair of American Mortgage Diversity Council. She performs volunteer work for underserved communities and is a member of the Community Link Board of Directors, NCHEC Advisory Council, the National Industry Standards Advisory Council, MReport Editorial Advisory Board and DS News Editorial Advisory Board.

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